3 Simple Things Your Child Wishes You Knew About Ballet Lessons

Enrolling your child in fall ballet lessons may be one of the best things that you do for your child. Not only does this help get their school year off to a fun start, but it can help them discover and nurture a talent that becomes a hobby for life. For some, it even becomes a career or part of their chosen profession. Ballet lessons can mean different things to different kids. However, nearly all children wish their parents knew the following things about ballet lessons.

They Want You to Share Their New Hobby

Few things are more fun for a child than sharing something they love with a parent. They depend on their parents for their emotional and physical well-being, even if they are not fully aware of that fact, and it can feel wonderful to know that their parents share their new interest in ballet. Show your child that you are interested in ballet by taking them to see a professional ballet performance early into their lessons. That way, they can see how their hard work and dance education can result in something amazing. After the ballet, talk about what you love about ballet and point out the cool things about the performance.

They Want to Tell You About Their Experience

Many children want to let their parents know all about their ballet lessons, but they may be shy or fear that their parents have a lot on their mind with work and other responsibilities. If your child isn't answering your basic questions about how ballet class went, you may try to ask open-ended questions that encourage discussion so that it is easier for them to tell you about class. Try one or more of the following questions.

  • What was the coolest part of dance class today?
  • Can you describe a new dance step you learned?
  • How did you feel when you danced today?
  • What do you like best about dance class?

They Want to Perform What They Learn for You

Nearly all little dancers want to show off what they learned for their parents, but they probably won't try if you don't encourage them. Ask your child to show you what dance steps they are learning at least once per month. You may ask them while they are still at the studio if you don't have a big area for dancing at home, and you might be surprised at all the ballet steps your child is learning in a short amount of time.

Finally, keep in mind that ballet lessons mean very different things to different children. Some see ballet classes as a fun diversion or way to be with friends. Others are enthralled by dance and live and breathe for the chance to get into the dance studio. Let your child take the lead and encourage any interest they show in ballet.